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Warranty and claims

We provide an extended warranty of 24 months for our Marderschock system to the final customer, starting from the date of purchase.

For registering a complaint, the final customer has to provide the dealer with a copy of the installation receipt which clearly states the serial number of the installed device. Belated insertion of the s/n is not possible.

A proof or certificate for your engine wash is a mandatory requirement for this extended warranty.

Opening the devices or inappropriate handling thereof will void the warranty.

Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.

Extended warranty:

In case martens damage your automobile despite correct installation of our Marderschock device within the first year of use, our company will reimburse your costs of repair up to an amount of 50 EUR. In order to complete your request of reimbursement, we ask you to provide us with the following documents:

  • the devices
  • the receipt or the filled in warranty card
  • the installation receipt, including the motor wash (the latter is a requirement for this extended warranty and has to be listed on the installation receipt)
  • a photo or sketch of the installation
  • receipt stating the costs of repair

We do not provide an extended warranty for the Marderschock systems S 220V/10 and /20.

The marten is an animal amenable to natural law. Therefore we cannot provide you with a never-know-to-fail warranty for the protection of your automobile.

Warranty for our animal repellers

Auf die einwandfreie Funktion des Gerätes gibt der Hersteller 24 Monate Garantie ab dem Verkauf an den Endverbraucher. Bei einer Reklamation muss der Endverbraucher das Gerät mit dazugehöriger Kaufrechnung zur Prüfung zurückgeben. Versandkosten werden nicht übernommen. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 24 months for the functionality of the device. When registering a complaint, the final customer has to hand in the device and the receipt for examination. We will not reimburse your delivery expenses.

Packaging regulations:

We are a registered member of the dual system "the green dot" (Duales System Deutschland GmbH – Der Grüne Punkt)